CondoEdge - La gestion simplifiée

Save time

Let CondoEdge perform redundant tasks, reminders and follow-ups for you. It's that easy!

Manage efficiently

Be aware of what's happening, in all your properties, simultaneously. Be omnipresent!

Be transparent

Let the owners have access to tasks and projects follow-ups, files and finances. No more redundant questions!

Meet Maryanne

Your new personal assistant!

CondoEdge is much more than a handy condo management software. It's also Maryanne Your new personal assistant who will help you everyday. She will perform tasks without your asking, advise you, guide you and remind you of items you may have forgotten.

A software that is simple. powerful. intuitive.

Isn't it what you deserve?

Sleek design

No more complex interfaces with too much info! Go straight to the point.


Access the registers of all your properties and units in a few clicks.


Emails, public notices, internal and external discussions. All in one place!

Tasks / Projects

Keep track of your projects large and small with the help of the task manager.


Calendar for your tasks, reservations, events as well as your agenda for the day.

Service book

Easy-to-use maintenance service book. Be on the lookout for upcoming work.


Create your budgets by fund and send your contribution notices, easily.

Be Otonom

Withdraw monthly contributions automatically with Otonom Solution.


Supplier module fully integrated into requests for quotes and projects.


Create your meetings, agendas, motions, quorum needs, minutes and such!


Powerful file management system. Look no further, here they are!


A simple, user-friendly, easy-to-use and engaging co-owner portal.


Book the pool, spa, elevator or urban chalet directly from the co-owner portal.


Have access to fast and personalized support that meets your expectations.

Data exports

You need to leave? No problem, export your datas any time!


Access several simple, easy-to-read and exportable reports in xls or pdf.

The perfect solution for your needs.

up to 10h of data importation!

All you have to do is enter your email address in order to obtain this promotion.

Manage everywhere.
On every platforms.

Whether you are in the office, with a client, at the cottage or on the road, have access to all your information at your fingertips.

Vous pouvez nous contacter via courriel pour toutes informations à propos de CondoEdge.
514 532 1369